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Got Gout? 

The Cycle of Gout & Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Gout

Got gout? Check out the cycle of gout so you can help prevent it! Also, learn about natural remedies for gout such as cayenne pepper (topically and internally) and apple cider vinegar!

Causes of Gout? Gout is typically caused by consuming too much of the wrong foods and / or too little of the right foods. Specifically, a build up of uric acid in the body from substances such as purines is one of the main causes of gout. Purines are found in foods including organ meats, beef, certain types of fish and shell-fish, and yeast. Some red wines, including port, also contain purines. The purines found in these food sources create uric acid which builds up forming sharp crystals that get into joints causing pain. Then as this foreign crystal substance forms the body produces white blood cells to attack it. The crystals then pop the cells which release protein into that joint. This causes more white blood cells to be sent to the area leading to inflammation and pain. The proteins also lower the pH which allows even more crystals to form.

Cayenne Pepper to Treat Gout? If you're experiencing a painful flare apply a cayenne pepper mixture topically for quick relief! There are a couple of mixture options for cayenne pepper ointments applied topically. 1) 1-tablespoon cayenne pepper, 1-cup water, 1-cup apple cider vinegar mixed thoroughly. 2) 1-tablespoon cayenne pepper, 2-tablespoons olive, wintergreen, cinnamon, or eucalyptus oil mixed into paste. 3) 1-tablespoon cayenne pepper, 2-tablespoons honey. 4) 1-tablespoon cayenne pepper, 2-tablespoons beeswax. You may need to heat these mixtures to help break down the cayenne pepper, but preferably stir thoroughly and allow the mixture to sit long enough to break down the cayenne pepper. Apply any of these mixtures to the affected joints and surrounding areas of pain multiple times per day or until pain is alleviated. Avoid getting cayenne pepper in your eyes! Taking cayenne pepper internally? As you can see from the cycle of gout detailed above, a lower pH in these areas of the body leads to easier formation of crystals. Cayenne pepper has a VERY high pH. I've seen estimates of pH levels of 18.8 (~6.5 - 7 is neutral). You can buy cayenne pepper pills through the Natural Healthcare Store.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Gout? Organic apple cider vinegar helps to wash and dissolve existing calcium deposits from joints and muscles. It also helps to balance the body's pH as it also has a VERY high pH with estimates as high as a pH of 39. As with anything taken internally, we recommend you start small to see the affects on your body (as every body is different). You could start with 1-tablespoon a couple of times a day and increase as much as needed. Apple cider vinegar is also very for arthritis as is cayenne pepper taken internally and applied topically. Enjoy natural gout free living as you "Live the Natural Life"TM!

Sources: http://www.naturalhealthcarestore.com/

Note: The website www.naturalhealthcarestore.com does not provide medical advise.  The site simply provides research data for informational purposes.  The content included in this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding medical conditions. Statements included in this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products carried by the Natural Healthcare Store are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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