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Research - Live the Natural LifeTM

Visit Our Natural Healthcare Store Blog - Here we add many articles each week on natural health, whole foods, organic gardening, and more!  Simply click on any subject of interest, listed in the key words section of each article, to see all articles posted on that particular subject matter over time!   

Top 100+ Natural Health Quotes ~ "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." ~ Thomas Edison  Link to Full Quote Board

Top Natural Health Documentaries ~ Check out many free Health & Nutrition Related Documentaries including  "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"   "Forks Over Knifes"   "Hungry for Change"   "Food Matters"   & More Link

To View Research Click on the Link to the Side!

Healthy Living Research:

  1. 7 Steps to Live the Natural Life! Link
  2. Avoid Prescription Drugs As Best You Can!  Link
  3. What is Detoxification? Link
  4. Treating Acne and other Skin Conditions Naturally!  Link
  5. Your Skin Absorbs 60% of the Products you Use Topically!  Link
  6. The Benefits of Feeding Your Skin Nutrients Topically!  Link

  7. The Importance of Proper pH BalanceLink

  8. Got Gout?  The Cycle of Gout & Natural Ways to Prevent and Heal Gout  Link

  9. Health Benefits of Red Wine Link

  10. Is Your Toothpaste Poisoning You?  Link

  11. How Does Green Tea Help You to Loose WeightLink

  12. Uses of Vinegar!  Disease Prevention, Healthcare Skincare, Cleaning & More!  Link

Nutritional Research:

  1. Why Whole Food Supplements? Your Body Absorbs as Little as 10% of the Nutrients in The Vitamins You Take!  Link

  2. Culinary Medicine: New Program Designed to Educate Medical Students and Future Chefs about the Medical Benefits of Nutritional Choices  Link

  3. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms ~ What is GMO?  What are the Dangers? Link 
  4. How to Avoid GMO Products?  Link 
  5. Why Eat Organic?  Learn about arsenic in chicken and more!  Link
  6. Healthy Diet & Lifestyle May Reverse Aging  Link
  7. Anti-inflammatory Food/Diet  Link

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