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  1. Eat All Natural Foods including fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds, fiber rich whole grains, and legumes (alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, lentils).  Try to incorporate five to six servings of fruits and vegetables a day! One simple way to have two to three servings first thing in the morning is to make an all natural smoothie for breakfast - you can even do most of the preparation the evening before if your morning schedule is tight (view recipes and directions)! Please note that its recommended by many doctors that you add protein to all meals to balance the release of insulin by the pancreas to aid in the digestion of sugars.  Please note that adding good fats to the meal will also slow the digestion of sugars. Therefore you may want to consider adding a few nuts and or a teaspoon of flax seed oil or other good oil that is not readily a part of your existing diet.  Remove all processed and fast foods from your diet, or at least as many as possible! 

  2. Drink plenty of water each day (8 or more 8 oz servings per day)! For added health benefits add a slice of fresh lemon to your water! Fresh lemon water helps your organs to release toxins, improves your pH level, and helps to eliminate growing kidney stones!

    • As you Live the Natural Life you will find many examples in which doctors can only treat the problem once it occurs, while nature has provided you many simple and often pleasurable ways to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. Lemon water is a great example! Kidney stones are the formation of crystal like substances inside the kidney, often calcium based.  The only way to prevent or naturally breakdown kidney stones is to drink lemon water. The acid in the lemons helps to breakdown the crystal formation while the water helps to flush the broken down crystal out of your body!

  3. Focus on PH Balance!  According to Susan Lark, M.D., "Paying attention to acid-alkaline balance (or pH Balance) is one of the most crucial ways you can affect your health status. It impacts immunity, digestion, bone strength, symptoms of joint disease, hormones, and the function of essential internal organs." (More Information)

  4. Avoid soft drinks, carbonated water and excessive amounts of alcohol!  When choosing to drink alcohol try to make the healthiest choice possible!  Replace liquor and beer with wine, particularly red wine! 

  5. When having sugar cravings eat healthy sugars!  Fruit is always a good alternative when you have a sweet craving.  When using sugar in your diet replace white bleached sugar with raw unfiltered honey or sugar from organic sugar cane.  When craving chocolate choose dark chocolate with a high percentage cocoa (70-90%) and avoid milk chocolate. 

  6. Use all natural skin care products!  Avoid feeding your body toxins not only internally but also externally!

  7. Help to return your body to optimum Detoxification performance!  We recommend using  Oxy-Powder and LivatrexTM for a complete colon, gallbladder and liver  cleanse, eliminating years of waste build up currently in your body!  We also recommend taking the Miracle II Neutralizer on a daily basis to help with both detoxification and pH balance!  You may also choose to repeat the more intense detoxification process periodically to help eliminate waste build-up naturally occurring as your body continues to metabolize potentially toxic material ingested on a daily basis!

Incorporate these changes into your life as gradually as you need!  Remember that each step you take in a positive direction, no matter how big or small, places you in a better position today than yesterday!  While very important, these changes don't need to occur all at once - and to be honest making too many changes at once is often times the reason that none of the changes become a permanent part of our lives.  If you choose to eliminate your soda intake, eliminate them for as long as possible and when the craving becomes great enough have one to reward yourself and then cut them out again.  Over time you will likely eliminate the craving and it will be much less of a fight to incorporate this positive change into your life! 

Also note that your taste buds change in as few as 21 days! Therefore, if your replacing foods with negative attributes with foods with positive attributes and this leaves your taste buds unsatisfied - try it for 21 days and you may just find that you prefer the foods that are better for you.  As an example, I switched from milk chocolate to dark chocolate with up to 80% cocoa content (which actually has some great health benefits).  Initially, dark chocolate tasted somewhat bitter, however, after a couple of weeks I no longer tasted a bitter taste in the dark chocolate.  Not only that, when tasting milk chocolate again I tasted too much sugar and the product tasted unnatural!  Now I don't have to make a change - my body's cravings and desires have changed and I can fill each craving!  In his book "Breaking the Food Seduction" taste expert Neal D. Barnard, M.D. explains that our taste buds have a memory of approximately 21 days and when making changes in food choices we simply need to give our taste buds time to readjust!  (Neal D. Barnard, M.D. is president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - PCRM).

Note: The website www.naturalhealthcarestore.com does not provide medical advise.  The site simply provides research data for informational purposes.  The content included in this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding medical conditions. Statements included in this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products carried by the Natural Healthcare Store are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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