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Skin Absorbs 60% of Products Used Topically - Natural or Chemical

For those interested in further reading, we have provided various references to many of the studies completed that have found that our bodies absorb directly into the bloodstream close to 60% of the topical products with which the skin - our largest organ - comes into contact. 

Today, hormone therapy treatments and smoking cessation medications are often prescribed as patches applied directly to the skin as many drug manufacturers recognize the benefits of exploiting these skin absorption rates.  These medications pass first through the skin and then directly enter the bloodstream.

Feed Your Skin Nutrients Externally!

Additionally, while the skin is our body's largest organ, it is also the least vital. As our bodies were intelligently designed, studies show that nutrients absorbed internally are provided first to the most vital organs making our skin the last to receive these vitamins and minerals! These nutrients are necessary for healthy and younger looking skin! Studies have also shown that given the difficulty in today's environment for our bodies to be feed and absorb 100% of the much needed nutrients, it's virtually impossible for our skin to receive its portion internally.  This is a result of both the decreasing nutritional content of fresh food and the low absorption rate of vitamin supplements (research provide below).

Therefore we must provide these nutrients topically as well!  That's the plus side of our bodies brilliant design!  If you want healthier and younger looking skin, topically feed your body nutrient rich natural skin care products instead of chemical products that introduce unwanted toxins into your system!  Your skin will absorb 60% of these nutrients - that's a better absorption rate than what you'll get from your daily vitamins!  

  • San Francisco Chronicle - A comparison of USDA data from 1950 and 1999 shows that the nutrient content of 43 fruit and vegetable crops had declined significantly. 

Our Bodies Absorb Only 10% of Vitamins Taken Orally

According to the Physicians Desk Reference approximately 10-20% of vitamins and minerals taken in pill form are actually absorbed by the body. Because of this low rate of absorption  typical multi-vitamins are not enough for us to obtain the vital nutrients our bodies need. 

How do we Feed Our Bodies the Vitamins and Minerals it Needs?

  1. Drink plenty of water as water is the main transport media of the body delivering nutrients to your cells and vital organs.

  2. Eat the recommended five to six servings of raw fruits and vegetables each day as the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals from raw foods is highest!

  3. Take the recommended 7 drops to 2 tablespoons of Miracle II neutralizer each day as this not only works to correct the bodies PH balance, but also contains vital minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Liquid supplements offer an estimated 98% absorption rate as they bypass the digestive process and enter the bloodstream directly.

  4. Feed you skin topical supplements by using all natural nutrient rich healthcare products including soaps, lotions, sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners, and natural treatments for skin conditions.

  5. Use Whole Food Supplements which offer a higher rate of absorption than vitamins.

Use Whole Food Supplements to Complement your Diet!

With Whole Food Supplements we feed our bodies the entire food product containing all of the desired nutrients as apposed to using extracted and/or concentrated nutrients. With concentrated nutrients and standard multivitamins, our bodies don't recognize the substance as food and can't easily absorb the vitamins.  As mentioned above the absorption rate of standard multivitamins is as low as 10-20% while Whole Food Supplements on the other hand provide closer to 100% absorption rates.

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