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Mineral Makeup Products (Comparison Chart Below)

Why Mineral Make-Up?                                               Buy Make-Up Products
  • Purity! Mineral cosmetics are loose powders containing crushed minerals that have been extracted from the Earth's surface.  Many dermatologists report that because high quality mineral cosmetics eliminate the use of classic "irritants" such as fragrances, binders, synthetics, dyes, and preservatives it is considered "purer" and can be kinder and gentler to the skin (see Dr. Endorsements).  Additionally, it's not absorbed into the skin and won't clog pores, but actually adheres to the skin providing perfect coverage all day! 

  • Natural SPF!  Mineral make-up is formulated with a high concentration of the natural minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are two ingredients commonly used in sunscreens. These minerals offer a natural sun protection effectively blocking both UVA and UVB rays.  Ada Cosmetics offer protection of up to SPF20.

  • Water Resistant! Mineral make-up is water resistant and does not smear with perspiration making it the perfect choice active individuals.  Great for athletes including swimmers, runners and bikers in addition to anyone who might get caught in the rain. Just pat dry with a towel!

  • Non-Comedogenic, Non-Acnegenic, Anti-inflammatory!  Mineral make-up is so gentle it's recommended by many Doctors! Two of the main ingredients in mineral make-up, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are known for their natural anti-inflammatory properties (see Dr. Endorsements).

Why Ada Cosmetics? 

  • Better Prices! Ada Cosmetics provides it mineral cosmetics at the best price! As compared with the top brands you'll save 40% to 85%!   See our comparison chart below! 

  • Better Ingredients! Ada Cosmetics prides itself on using only top quality ingredients! As such, Ada is a step above Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover as it excludes Bismuth Oxy-Chloride an ingredient known to irritate the skin causing itching, rashes, and cystic acne. See our comparison chart below! 

  • Dr. Endorsements!  As a result of its high quality ingredients Ada has received multiple Dr. Endorsements supporting the safe, effective and therapeutic effects of their make-up products.

  • Pure and Natural!  Ada Cosmetics is a proud signer of both the NIRC's "Truth in Labeling" pledge and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Pledge.  These pledges commit that Ada both uses natural ingredients and assures the use of no chemical ingredients known or thought to have major negative effects including links to cancer.  Note that many major cosmetic companies have thus far refused to sign this pledge including Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover (as of 11/5/07). Review links to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and NIRC.



Compare Ada Cosmetics with the Most Well Advertised Brands

                        Titanium Dioxide    Zinc Oxide    Mica    Iron Oxide    Silica (Sand)   Vegetable Lecithin   L-lysine   Ultra-marine Blue   Bismuth Oxy-Chloride  


            Price   Grams   Price/ gr                    
    Ada Cosmetics     $ 25.00   8.5 gr      $ 2.94   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X      
      Average Savings       


    Sheer Cover (1)    $  29.95   4.0 gr      $ 7.49   X   X   X   X                   X  
    Bare Minerals        $ 25.00   8.5 gr      $ 2.94   X   X   X   X                   X  
    Jane Iredale (2)  $ 42.00   10.5 gr      $ 4.00   X   X   X                          
Blush Products                                              
    Ada Cosmetics     $  13.00   5.0 gr    $    2.60   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X      
      Average Savings        85%                                      
    Sheer Cover (1)    $ 22.95   1.0 gr    $  22.95   X   X   X   X                   X  
    Bare Minerals        $ 18.00   0.9 gr    $ 21.18   X   X   X   X                   X  
    Jane Iredale (2)  $ 26.00   2.8 gr    $ 9.29   X   X   X                          

Why avoid Bismuth Oxy-Chloride?  Doctors acknowledge that Bismuth Oxychloride is a skin irritant which can cause itching, rashes,  and cystic acne and should be avoided.  


  (1) Also contains Boron Nitride, Plant Extracts and Bisabolol.                                  
  (2) Also contains Boron Nitride, Zinc Stearate, Dimethicone, Stearic Acid and Plant Extracts.                  

Sources: Sheer Cover Website (http://www.sheercover.com/benefitsofminerals.php?pactvid=781de258663ac698948b8b3b8ef43611); Jane Iredale Website (http://janeiredale.com/janesguide/jg_ing_base.html); Bare Minerals Website (http://www.bareminerals.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BareMinerals-Site/default/Link-Page?id=FREQUENTLY_ASKED_QUESTIONS); Prices provided via Phone Conversation with Sales Associates. 


Note: The website www.naturalhealthcarestore.com does not provide medical advise. The site simply provides research data for informational purposes. The content included in this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding medical conditions.































































































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