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Global Healing Center

Support | Your Body's | Detoxification Processes


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Oxy-Powder ®

Paratrex ®

Zeotrex ®

Livatrex TM

Allertrex ™

Oxygen-based Colon Cleanse &  Constipation Relief

100% Natural

Parasite Cleanse

2oz & 4oz

Heavy Metal Cleanse Supplement - 1oz

Organic Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse

Lung Cleanse








Calcium &  Magnesium Supplement

Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Bacillus Laterosporus

Nascent Atomic Iodine Supplement 




Silver Fuzion®

Oregano Oil Blend


Assist Body with Hormone Balance in men.

100% Natural Weight Management Formula

Promote Immune

 System Health

Fend off unwanted invaders 


Skin care



Parfait Visage



Soothing, organic

facial mist




100% Natural Luxury

Facial Cream



To view more information on what detoxification is, the symptoms

and the treatments please view Detoxification Information!


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