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CoQ10 by Dews!  Q-ZymeTM                                                              Buy CO-Q-10TM

What is CoQ10 or Q-Zyme by Dews™?

Co-Q-10 is known by many names, the most well known of which is CoQ10.  Other known names include Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin K2, and Ubiquinone. CoQ10 is a vitamin that was discovered at the University of Wisconsin in 1957 by Dr. Fred Crane.  CoQ10 is a vital nutrient necessary for proper cell function!  It is essential to life itself.  Without it the body would die! Unfortunately, as we age our body's natural production of this vitamin is reduced resulting in the need to supplement this fundamental nutrient.  According to John T. A. Ely, Ph.D. and Cheryl A. Krone, Ph.D., "Ubiquinone (CoQ10) is one of the two most important essential nutrients (the other being ascorbic acid)."

What are the benefits of CO-Q-10?

CoQ10 is present in every living cell.  It helps to escort nutrients through cell walls and convert them into energy.  CoQ10 helps stabilize cell membranes, helps to destroy free radicals and acts as an antioxidant.  The highest levels of CoQ10 can be found in the heart and liver!

Why Do We Need to Supplement CoQ10?

Levels of CoQ10 found in the body begin to decline as we reach our later 20's and early 30's, and continually decrease as we age. Additionally, CoQ10 levels can be reduced by strenuous exercise, illness, and prescription drugs.  Scientists have estimated that as the levels of CoQ10 produced by the body decrease in excess of 25%, our health problems begin to increase. These health issues may include heart disease, high blood pressure, fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, immune deficiencies, weight gain, periodontal problems, angina, and skin aging, in addition to many other health concerns.

Uses of CoQ10

Q-Zyme provides the nutrient building blocks for CoQ10!  CoQ10 is an important nutrient in aiding the body in its ability to maintain normal blood pressure and normal heart function.  Additionally, CoQ10 is a strong antioxidant for the skin, cell membranes, and the entire body!  CoQ10 helps to improve the immune system, is used for a wide range of heart problems, helps to reduce blood pressure, to maintain a healthy brain, to reduce the side effects from cholesterol and other prescription drugs, is used for chronic fatigue, weight loss, normalizing blood sugar levels, to treat age related muscular degeneration, and to treat chronic gum disease.

Why Provide the Building Blocks?

Q-Zyme™ by Dew's provides the nutritional building blocks necessary for the body to produce CoQ10!  CoQ10, in its final form, tends to breaks down over time and is therefore less potent than the label may suggest depending on production time, time on the shelf, and the time in your home prior to consumption.  By providing the nutrient building blocks necessary, your body converts the ingredients in Q-Zyme into fresh CoQ10, thus providing the full strength and full potency necessary to obtain the maximum benefit.


Vitamin E (dl Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) 30 IU

Cinnamon Lipid Extract (Cinnamomum Species)

27 mg
T.A.T. Metabolite™ (Tyramine)* 25 mg

Cinchona Bark Extract (Cinchona Species)

26 mg
Gum Benzoin Extract (Styrax Benzion) 5 mg


*T.A.T. Metabolite™ is a proprietary process and is a registered trade mark of Dews Research Laboratories. 

Directions for Use

Manufacturers Suggested Intake: 1 Capsule, up to 3 times daily (take only 1 capsule at a time), as a dietary supplement.

Source: Manufacturer provided information.

Additional Source of Information:


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